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We design and produce cardboard packaging with printing.
Are you looking for take-out packaging for your restaurant, bar, food truck or café?

We have been advising, designing, manufacturing and supplying printed packaging to clients around the world for many years. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the size and needs of your business.
We know everything about food packaging. See how we can help.

Our Services

Non-binding, free consultancy
Non-binding, free consultancy

We know how crucial it is to properly protect your dishes when they are delivered to a customer or when you pack them to take away. Choosing the right packaging is often a challenge. The multitude of forms, designs and sizes makes you waste time browsing dozens of offers.

Visual Identity
Visual Identity

The design of packaging is one of the main elements of visual identification - a tool that creates the image of your brand. Every day we come across thousands of packaging, which is why our task is to distinguish your brand in a sea of competition. By ordering a free consultation, you receive a visualization of several versions of your packaging.

Production from certified materials
Production from certified materials

We manufacture a whole range of paper packaging, anything you can imagine. Do you have an idea for a custom packaging? That’s terrific! At Fastpack, we love challenging our creativity. What's more, we produce our packaging only from certified materials so that they meet the highest standards of quality and food safety.

Delivery and Storage
Delivery and Storage

Your location does not allow storage of packaging in larger quantities? We can remedy such a situation too! We offer our clients the ability to store packaging in quantities that meet their needs.

Free Samples
Free Samples

Find out for yourself about the quality of our packaging. Touch, see, test. Order free samples, we will send them to the address provided.

How doe's it work?

  • Contact us using the contact form , or just call tel. +45 51945484
  • If you own a logo, attach it to your message. This will allow us to prepare a more accurate, personalised offer.
  • Your personal customer advisor will contact you within 24 hours to discuss project details.

Fastpack's history

See how we have been helping clients for years to collectively create unique solutions in the constantly growing market of packaging and paper products for gastronomy.

Candy stores are flourishing in Denmark. Fastpack follows this trend focusing on engaging graphic solutions. At the end of 2014 we deliver bags to up to 80% OF CANDY SHOPS IN DENMARK.



We care about natural environment. As of 2015, all of our products are made from paper with an FSC CERTIFICATE . This means that the raw material used for its production comes from responsibly managed and certified forests.

Street food culture came to Scandinavia. Denmark falls in love with this new movement. Fastpack follows the trend and implements FOODTRUCK SOLUTIONS named also multipack solution.



Edible plates, an ingenious invention from Poland by Biotrem, took Denmark by storm. All thanks to Fastpack, which became the sole distributor of biodegradable plates in Denmark. The Danish, who have long been known for their passion for ecological innovations, fell in love with edible plates. Fastpack presented its innovation in the pages of the most widely-read Danish newspaper - Politiken.

Our "sub-brand" eataplate.dk attends many festivals, including the Heaven Festival in Copenhagen and the annual traditional meeting of Danish citizens - Folkemødet on the Bornholm island.



We say NO to plastic! We were the first in Poland to introduce a paper sushi box, superseding widespread plastic trays popular in the industry. At the same time, we created a new advertising medium for sushi restaurants, printing creative graphics on the packaging to promote their companies. Paper sushi boxes have become a new trend in the industry, while restaurants keep outdoing their creative use as an advertising medium.

With the pink pizza box that we produced for Frankies pizzeria, we started a completely new trend in the industry. Packaging is not only a food container anymore, it is above all a creative advertising medium! Since then, we have been serving a number of pizzerias and we are still breaking old patterns by creating unusual boxes of various designs, colours and shapes.



Edible plates for the taking for every citizen of Denmark. Edible dishes are reaching the shelves of one of the largest supermarket chains in Denmark - IRMA. From this moment on, the Polish invention is not only extravagance, it is a standard available to every citizen of Denmark.

2020 was certainly not the easiest year for the restaurant industry. Despite this, we could witness the birth of a new, sweet trend. Iconic donuts are experiencing their second youth in Denmark, and new venues are springing up like mushrooms. The secret of success lies not only in interesting flavors, but also thoughtful branding. We offer donut boxes which through their cheerful prints become an effective advertising medium.


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