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Villa Copenhagen is a new social scene in Copenhagen and a charming hotel with something to offer for all senses, quality food and inspiring surroundings. Located in a Central Post & Telegraph Head Office dating back to 1912, Villa Copenhagen brings the charm of old Europe, the modern design and the concept of conscious luxury together. 

 Even the tiniest details in this stylish hotel, such as paper bags, reflect the notion of mindful luxury and wellbeing. 

At Fastpack, we played our small contribution to this iconic spot in Copenhagen by producing an elegant and environmentally friendly, fully printed takeaway paper bag with a logo made in delicate milky pastel shades. 

For their onsite bakery RUG we produced a pizza box with a logo in natural colours and organic look.

At FASTPACK, we love good street food and are excited to be a part of this vibrant and exciting culinary journey around the world. Our functional and beautiful packaging adds an extra dose of aesthetics and comfort to street food and elevates the experience for all senses. Street food for centuries has shaped the culinary culture in every part of the world and has given us lively and colourful streets full of smells, tastes, and gathering crowds. 

Once local, today, street food has become a global culinary experience with specialities from all over the world gathered in one spot. It takes the best from its tradition and remains democratic and affordable, yet with a modern twist of more refined and gourmand specialities and hand-picked organic ingredients.

Copenhagen’s iconic food spot REFFEN is where the locals and tourists enjoy specialities prepared by chefs and artisans from over 18 nationalities who bring global cuisine to Copenhagen. 

Fastpack is happy to be a part of this rich cultural experience. We deliver food packaging with logo and print. Our latest endeavour is the paper tray with a logo we prepared for Fuego. So now you can taste an authentic Argentinian grill served on a custom made, paper tray with print.

Gelato di Natura has what it takes to win an award for the world’s best ice cream. The perfect creaminess, softness and authentic rich taste.

Their fantastic ice cream and decadently delicious cakes have been awarded one of the world’s best ice creams at the SIGEP fair in Italy.  

Something THAT special requires suitable packaging. At Fastpack, we create custom-made packaging to reflect the very soul of the product. Our takeaway paper box with the print we made for Gelato di Natura brings to mind the creaminess of Gelato di Natura ice cream and cakes, the crispy waffle and the rich chocolate, all wrapped in an elegant paper box.

Danish weather doesn’t always feel like a holiday in the Mediterranean, but at least you don’t need to go to Italy to try the authentic Neapolitan Pizza.

Corsa Pizza is an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria chain located in Copenhagen.

The magic is in the dough, the thin crust at the base that puffs up around the sides and provides for a very thin and airy crust of the real Neapolitan pizza.

That is what makes Corsa pizza special. Costa Pizza brings a taste of Neapoli to Copenhagen. This authentic Neapolitan pizza with the famous airy and thin dough deserves a unique pizza box to match its unique taste.

We produced pizza boxes with print within less than two weeks, just in time for the grand opening of Costa’s second restaurant, located in Copenhagen. Manufactured using FSC®️ certified strong kraft corrugated cardboard – these boxes are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Andersen Bakery

In the heart of the Islands Brygge neighbourhood, you’ll find the award-winning Andersen Bakery with a captivating story.

60 years ago, a Japanese tourist, travelling around Denmark, fell in love with Danish cakes and the bread baking method. This love was the beginning of the creation of many bakeries throughout Asia.

After many years, Andersen Bakery returned to Copenhagen and Fastpack was pleased to produce a whole set of colourful packaging for the grand opening of the bakery on Thorshavnsgade Street.

For Andersen Bakery we have produced 9 lovely bakery boxes in various colours and sizes and 4 types of paper cups with print.

We produced take-away packaging for the bakery in record time. Andersen Bakery received boxes for biscuits and take-away cups within two weeks, so as to make it to the grand opening of the bakery in the Islands Brygge district.

Hocho Sushi Bar is an atmospheric restaurant located in Leszno, run by true enthusiasts of food, travel and… experimenting!

What makes you want to keep coming back there is not only food, but also the atmosphere that makes you feel like you are visiting good friends who want to welcome you as best as they can.

We have produced a coherent set of take-out packaging for Hocho Sushi Bar – two sizes of kraft sushi paper boxes with black print and a large paper bag, the size of which was designed to perfectly match the cardboard boxes.

The restaurant owners decided not to use plastic windows in the boxes as they want to significantly reduce the use of plastic in their restaurant.

Mr. Donut company set out to conquer Copenhagen, armed with the newest type of weapon of mass destruction – bomb of calories – ‘donuts’.

In their new premises on HC Ørsteds Vej, you can enjoy a wide variety of donuts.

Here you can find traditional donuts with caramel coating or chocolate filling, as well as crazy versions covered with jelly beans, chocolates and colorful sprinkles.

We have produced insta-friendly paper boxes with color printing especially for Mr. Donut.

Specific boxes are easy to remember, making ordinary packaging an unusual advertising medium.

Frankies pizza has taken pizza to another level of cool.

Frankies is all about bringing people together to share food and good times. This idea was the main inspiration for creating customized packaging.

Our role was to make a customized pizza box with a print that would scream FUN and allure you with the promise of joy and a great time. Frankies pizza box will bring a smile on your face because the color of love; PINK is the new black. The playful and funky design are an excellent match for the restaurant’s relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

We customize the offer to the companies needs and offer a great variety of products; for Frankies we also produced stickers with logo, wet wipes, custom printed paper bag and branded paper cups. The bright pink color, and the appealing modern design are eye-catching and reflect the joyful atmosphere of the place.

La Neta is a mexican restaurant belonging to a brewing tycoon – mikkeler brewing company.

La Neta is a Mexican Taquería with authentic flavors and great atmosphere. A house to Mexican food and Danish beer from brewery Mikkeller.

We like challenges. La Neta received paper boxes and trays for tacos just within two weeks since the order.

At Fastpack, we have many years of experience, and when time is a pressing matter, we have the expertise and resources to make it work. ‘Mikkeller’s La Neta had their packaging designed and delivered within two weeks, just in time for HAVEN music and food festival.

The boxes featured- Hanry and Sally, the couple we know from Mikkeller beer labels and La Sirenita – the Little Mermaid, the symbol of Copenhagen. Their author is a famous graphic designer Keith Shore, the artist behind ‘Mikkeller’s iconic beer labels.

Fastpack supplied customized paper food packaging for the Haven festival, a collaboration between music and food. We loved being part of Haven a collaboration between some of the most significant figures on the Danish food scene and music.

There is no need for an introduction for this person – Umut Sakarya- chef, winner of the Danish edition of Masterchef and Instagram star.

He is one of the most vibrant characters in the Danish food industry.

espite being born in Turkey, he now makes a living serving classic Danish dishes including his beloved pork.

He is the owner of the Guldkroen, Guldgrillen and Guldkebab restaurants, for which we have produced a set of consistent packaging – sandwich paper with a red logo and folded bags with a logo representing Umut Sakarya himself.

Simpel Osteria is both a cafe and a deli inspired by Italian cuisine.

Recently, their new place was opened in the center of Silkeborg, on Søndergade Street, where you can taste a whole range of selected cheeses, hams and other snacks, mainly of Italian origin.

Yet, Simpel Osteria is something more than a deli It is also a popular spot for gatherings. Thematic events such as Italian dinner or Seafood Night are organized, during which we have the pleasure of savoring high-end products.

We had the pleasure of producing a consistent set of colorful take-away packaging for Simpel Osteria. FSC-certified pizza boxes and paper with a joyful pink print.

Bearing in mind the fact that Instagram is becoming more influential than advertising, the restaurant placed focus on the insta-friendly project, which in our opinion 100% fulfills its advertising function.

A new place, created out of true passion, has appeared in the very heart of Copenhagen, on Frederiksborggade Steet.

Crunchy sandwiches made with homemade bread and carefully selected ingredients from local suppliers are its specialty.

Iranian Lida Shadravanis is behind this whole project. She began her adventure with the already legendary take-away sandwiches 18 years ago, in her first restaurant in Amager.

The place turned out to be a great success, and her original sandwich gracefully named ‘La Bomba’ won the best sandwich of the year title.

Fastpack had the pleasure of creating a whole set of elegant, personalized take-away packages for Lida: two types of paper bags with a full print, paper salad boxes, paper cups with a logo and sandwich paper.

Rafaels is a ‘small piece of Italy’ in the heart of Kolding, a city in Jutland.

The restaurant is located in a former antique shop, thanks to which it oozes with a cozy atmosphere, history and Italian nostalgia. Their products are imported directly from Italy and prepared from scratch to offer their customers what’s best in Italian cuisine.

To complete the unique atmosphere of the restaurant, we have created a set of ecological kraft-type packaging with a black print for Rafaels – a pizza box with FSC certificate and a paper bag without handles.

Katei, the innovative approach to food means not only surprising taste compositions but also a new form for serving the food.

Fastpack has designed comfortable and aesthetic paper boxes and printed bags for Katei sushi. Personalized packaging with subtle graphics and logo is a reflection of the unique character of Katei Sushi. The taste experience is combined with an aesthetic one.

The beautiful and elegant paper packaging also allowed them to reduce plastic consumption and show their dedication to sustainability and artisan craftsmanship.

Dhaba is an indian cuisine chain famous for their oven-baked naan bread, tasty lamb, and traditional curry and tikka.

The chain has several street-food spots, food truck, take-away and restaurants all over the country. The abundance of tastes and smells, so characteristic for Indian dining culture is an essential part of the DHABA’s food offer.

The great variety of dishes requires multiple solutions to make the dining experience pleasant and comfortable. Next, to the traditional packaging options, we also supplied DHABA with edible plates, made of 100% wheat bran. As the only distributor of this biodegradable and innovative dining solution from Poland, we were delighted to see it taking Copenhagen by storm. Next, to the plates, we also supplied DHABA with disposable cutlery made of wheat bran and PLA bioplastics. We also prepared customized paper bags, paper printed mugs, sandwich paper, and stickers with the logo. We also had an exciting project of designing packaging paper that imitates the Indian newspaper.

As a supplier for a variety of restaurants and street food, we are aware of the limited storage space. That is why we always find a solution to meet your specific needs. For DHABA, we deliver all necessary items to food trucks regularly, several times a week.

You might know the name Rolex for being an iconic watch, but for food lovers from all over the world, it is also an icon of Ugandan street food.

Ugandan culture and art have served us as an inspiration for the customized packaging we created for UGOOD; Ugandan street food from Aarhus. We wanted to create packaging, that would reflect the tradition and the ethnic origins of the restaurant, and at the same time, it needed to be modern and simple, something that would please the Scandinavian consumer. We decided for a colorful print with ethnic motives and a playful logo with a happy rooster.

Since not many Scandinavians know Ugandan street food, the packaging should be not only visually attractive but also give some idea about the product. Rolex is made out of rolled eggs; thus, the name. Eggs mixed with vegetables create a thin crispy omelet, served with a variety of fillings. Multiple colors and a rooster give an idea about the type of food served at the restaurant. For street food, the functionality of the packaging is crucial. The trays, boxes, and wrapping paper must be easy and pleasant to use.

We created a custom printed greaseproof sheet, branded paper bag, a paper container with a logo and a paperboard food tray with print. The products we designed are functional and environmentally friendly while serving as a great marketing tool for UGOOD. Our custom designed take away boxes and block bottom bag with a print make you feel good and brings the memory of holiday and exploring street food from all over the world.

Pastor is a cozy Mexican restaurant, where you can indulge in authentic Mexican food and atmosphere

Three siblings from Mexico- Juan, Hans, and Anita Alvarez, fulfilled their biggest dream of bringing a part of Mexico to Denmark. The symphony of flavors and spices in their tacos, quesadillas, and burrito will lighten up even the greyest day of Danish winter.

When we met the Pastor team, we knew we had to make packaging that will reflect the joyful and colorful vibe of the place and its funders. We designed a coherent set of take-away packages in vivid orange colors, including a customized paper box for tacos, wrapping paper with a logo for their famous burritos, paper bags with print and stickers.

At Fastpack, we offer a comprehensive service and also assist you with the logistics. As the restaurant did not have a big storage, we offered to store personalized packages in our warehouse. We deliver the paper packaging in batches adjusted to the current needs of the restaurant.

My bagels is a cafe which specializes in tasty sandwiches and – bagels.

For My Bagel, we have produced: wrap paper, take away bags and napkins with logo print.

To offer our client the best product and price, a paper bag without handles has been the best solution. This type of bag is often used in burger bars. The benefit of using this type of bag, is the price, in comparison to using an typical carr bage or take away bag, also called a sushi bag.

The paper bag is ideally fitted to serve sandwiches and “My Bagels”. At the production moment, our client was the owner of a single diner, and therefor limitet in terms of storage space. That’s why we offered a great logistical service, delivering and storing both, bags, napkins, wrap paper, when needed.

Sushi Home is a place where love for the Japanese cousin and culture meets the mission of bringing joy and happiness through food and dining experience.

At Sushi Home, food is s a part of a holistic approach to body and mind and the universal balance. The Japanese culture and the concept of Zen has profoundly influenced the founders of the restaurant.

It was essential for Sushi Home that they limit the use of plastic and use more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives. Our customized paper boxes for sushi proved to not only more environmentally friendly but also a great marketing tool. Unlike the commonly used plastic trays, paper packaging is customized with the logo and design, reflecting the restaurant’s unique character. It proved to be a great advertising medium for the restaurant, and at the same time, it was in line with their values and identity.

Having a paper packaging for their sushi, made Sushi Home a recognizable alternative and has given a notion of high quality and artisan approach to the food served by the restaurant.

Dej is a place where Italian culinary culture meets Danish passion for design and innovation.

This fantastic collaboration of two worlds that have so much to offer in the areas of taste and beauty resulted in a unique, new spot on Copenhagen’s culinary map.

Packaging and word of mouth are the best commercial you can get in the restaurant industry. Our role was to create packaging, that would reflect Dej’s distinctive character and advertise the restaurant. Companies often underestimated the role of packaging, but in the world of Instagram and social media, it plays a more significant role than ever before.

Italian elegance and Danish minimalistic design were the main inspiration for creating a customized pizza box with a print, and custom printed greaseproof sheet, paper cups, and branded paper bag. Black printed paper with Dej logo, stands out due to its simplistic design, contrast, smooth lines, and the black color that gives it an elegant touch.

LAKS – a bit of Denmark in the south of France.

LAKS, for the uninitiated, means “salmon” in Danish.

Laks is also the name of the restaurant of a French family – Gilbert Favède and his daughter Linda, who after many years of life in Copenhagen returned to Nice, where in the street food hall Gare du Sud, they serve specialties of Danish cuisine. Of course, the specialty of Laks is salmon. And not just any salmon, because from Daniel Letz himself, the famous restaurateur from Denmark.

Gilbert and Linda needed different types of packaging for their business, both take-away boxes for Smørrebrød, a traditional Danish dish served in the form of sandwiches, but also take-away bags and paper coffee cups.

Our task was also to prepare visual identification for Laks. As a result, our client received a visually consistent set of take-away packaging, which thanks to the original logotype effectively distinguishes the stand from others.

So Sushi is a restaurant where passion and experience takes cares of taste and atmosphere.

From the very beginning of its existence, So Sushi has been setting new trends in the industry. They never rest on their laurels, and their cuisine is the result of a constant search for interesting and extraordinary flavours. It is also due to the founders of the So Sushi Academy, where they promote and teach the art of Japanese cuisine.

The area where So Sushi delivers its specialties is really big. For this reason, the restaurant must be provided with a range of take-out packages in various sizes. It is important that the packaging is durable and waterproof, so that the food reaches the customer in perfect condition and the packaging does not soak up from wet ingredients.

At the same time, the packaging needs to fulfil its visual function. Original black and gold boxes and bags are highly memorable and create the impression of an elegant gift.

For So Sushi, we’ve created a consistent set of take-out packaging: three sizes of paper sushi boxes with a set of matching paper bags with a full print.

Jem Sushi is a restaurant located in Poznań and is inspired by Asian cuisine.

Our customer wanted us to create a set of elegant sushi packaging that would match their carefully prepared visual strategy. The customer was given two options – biodegradable boxes, made entirely of paper, or boxes with small plastic windows thanks to which the contents of the box would be attractively displayed.

We have created a set of sushi packaging in three sizes for Jem Sushi. The elegant take-away boxes have been printed in two colors – black and yellow. The simple form and elegant appearance refer to the Japanese culture and cuisine.

Hurthermore , the boxes also contain contact details of the company and therefore, the restaurant gradually builds brand recognition among its customers. Sushi boxes made of paper is a new and more biodegradable alternative to plastic and polystyrene packaging.

Your packaging can do more than you think!

Test our ideas and let us positively surprise you!

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