Wrapping papers

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Product specification
DIMENSION60x40, 44x35, 40x30, 32x32

Wrapping papers

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We love to order take-out food. Sometimes snacks, sometimes main dishes. We eat at street food markets, in public transport, in a car or outdoors. There is one problem with take-out food—it can stain. You certainly know this story well. You order delicious food that smells great and looks appetizing. You start eating and suddenly bam! A drop of fat or ketchup lands on your blouse or pants. All the excitement goes away and the only thing that remains is a bad experience.

Do you think that customers will come back after such misadventures? Or maybe they would rather give up take-out food than risk getting their wardrobe dirty before an important meeting? That’s why it is so important to properly secure the served food. Sandwich paper is the solution here.

It is cheap, takes up little space and can be used not only as a basic packaging for dishes served by you but also as additional protection against soiling. You can put it on your lap and use as a napkin or mini tablecloth.

Stand out among your competitors. This small addition can guarantee that your customers will have a positive User Experience.

Sandwich paper can also be a carrier for advertising or messages that have a chance to positively influence consumers. For example, put your logo, a funny slogan or themed graphics on it. Your customers will surely appreciate it.

We produce sandwich paper in white or brown. Printing is available in six colours of the Pantone palette or multi-coloured CMYK.

Trust us, it works! We know what we do and we have heads full of ideas.

Send us your logo, we will make the design for you free of charge.

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