Aug 25th 2020

Why should you choose black and white print on natural cardboard?

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Anna Wolthers

How COVID19 changed the packaging industry. Packaging trends of 2020 that are here to stay.

2020 has been quite a year, and some of us might feel relieved it’s already halfway through.  There is hardly any business that hasn’t been forced to go through some changes in 2020, and packaging industry is no exception. 

The recent years brought us a rapid growth of e-commerce and take-away service. 2020 has intensified the process immensely. The COVID19’s lockdowns and social distancing opened up a new era for the packaging industry.

Food packaging with a simple and minimalist print is a new trend in the catering industry.

Companies had to learn how to provide their customers with a dining, shopping or self-care experience, without the help of murmur and bricks of the traditional restaurant, store or a beauty salon.They turned into the unboxing experience and customized, branded, aesthetically pleasing packaging. 

Another development that has been shaping the packaging industry for the last few years is the environmental awareness and growing market for organic, sustainable and ethical products. 

Keeping up with the newest trends and adjusting strategy to the rapidly changing market is not always easy. Luckily, some of the trends are stable, and you don’t have to change all the time to catch up with the latest tendencies. Some choices are timeless due to the universal beauty of simplicity. 

When it comes to packaging white, and a black print on a kraft packaging is both timeless and, owing to the current focus on organic and sustainable products, a trendy choice. 

One-color print on take-away packaging is cheaper than multicolored.

What are the benefits of choosing white and black print on kraft packaging?         

  1. Clear message and a strong focus on logo allows you to fully use the branding potential of packaging
  2. It can have a price advantage to choose black and white print, in other words, it is often cheaper
  3. The natural cardboard look is associated with pure and organic 
  4. Often the simple solutions are the best ones. Black and white print is simple, classy and timeless.
  5. Clean and refined look

Get inspired by these projects made by Fastpack using the black and white print on kraft packaging, projects examples…

White print on pizza boxes, sushi boxes, sandwich papers, take-out packaging stands out from the competition.

Using only the black and white print and kraft cardboard proves to be an excellent background for creative solutions. It is versatile and gives you a lot of latitudes. 

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