Nov 22nd 2020

Pizza box design ideas. The positive effects of having a customized food packaging.

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Anna Wolthers

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food; some even dare to say a pizza slice a day can keep the sadness away. While being a pizzatarian ( yes, that is a real word) might not be the healthiest diet, pizza is one of the most popular food for a cosy stay in evenings. As it looks, for now, we can expect a lot of those evenings this winter.

Now, what makes a good pizza even better? The box.

The box matters, more than you might think because the functionality and the aesthetics are an integral part of our experience and affect the way we enjoy our pizza.

Packaging with a print in the hands of customers is the most effective form of advertising

It is not only the experience of the consumer that makes the box important. It also matters for the company. The packaging is a way to communicate your brand identity. Using a unique design and logo makes the box a conveyor of your brand’s identity and an advertising tool. We say: Don’t judge the book by its cover, but we still do it and appearance, as well as packaging, are a crucial part of the first impression.

We at fastpack, love pizza and had the pleasure of creating many boxes, here are the few of our favourite projects :

Frankies Pizza– the famous pink pizza box, well known to Copenhageners. Everyone love Frankies.

Frankies Pizza used a pizza box as an advertisement

Corsa Pizza– cheerful, colourful and playful. This box makes your heart smile, and there’s a delicious pizza inside.

The pizza box of the Corsa pizzeria is distinguished by a cheerful and joyful design

Pow- the Vegan Pizzeria– we love the comic-inspired design and the energy of the yellow colour. It’s creative and unique.

The pizza box with a yellow print is easily remembered by customers

Dej – Elegant and minimalistic design is a perfect reflection of the restaurant’s stylish interior and gourmand pizza.

An elegant pizza box with a full print is a characteristic sign of the Dej pizzeria

MaMeMi- For the rustic and organic vibe and the beautiful shade of green

Green FSC-certified pizza box for MaMeMi Pizzeria

Fabio Pizza

For the bold approach, after all, not everyone can say that they have their picture on a pizza box. Fabio Avenoso is the face of his restaurant Fabio, known for authentic Italian cuisine and Dolce Vita nostalgia.

Pizza box FSC certified and fully printed

Rafael’s Pizza

We love the stylish and romantic images and the kraft type box. This box has it all, the aesthetics, sustainability score and natural organic vibe.

Kraft pizza box with a delicate print

For more of our pizza projects, click here.

You need packaging for your product but don’t have an idea yet? Get in touch, and we will help you create your unique packaging.

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