Jun 22nd 2020

Life is like a box of chocolate or…a box of sushi!

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Anna Wolthers

The famous quote “life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get” from Forrest Gump have forever stayed in our culture. It is a beautiful and wise story full of many memorable moments, and one of them is when Forrest sits on a bench with a box of chocolates.

Sushi boxes made entirely of paper will be noticed and appreciated by your customers

We all have a soft spot for a pretty box of a gracefully placed squared, round and heart-shaped little masterpieces of the chocolatier. It’s a moment of indulgence and treating oneself to a variety of flavours organized into little cute looking bits.

You know what else is organized into neat, pretty little pieces and has an even a greater variety of colours, ingredients and flavours? Sushi!

Paper box for sushi; functional and aesthetic.

How about a sushi packaging that reflects the craftsmanship and skills of Itamae and the aesthetics of sushi. Custom-made paper box with a logo or a subtle graphic design seemed like a good idea. Functionality is crucial, and we wanted to make sure that the aesthetics are intact. The box made from special cardboard prevents the food from sticking to the bottom. This, together with the box design, which is flat and has an easy to lift lid, allows preserving the aesthetics of the dishes.

The print on sushi packaging strengthens the company's image

It is not only us that came up with that idea, and paper sushi boxes are not entirely new to the market, although still less widespread that the plastic trays.

Paper boxes and custom-made packaging are gaining popularity

Here are the few most important reasons why you should choose paper boxes for sushi, whether you are a provider or a consumer.

Latest trends in packaging, the new face of the takeaway.

Take away has been on the rise for quite a long time, and the recent corona events have intensified the trend as introduced take away service for the gourmand and high-end restaurants.

Take away, is traditionally associated with fast and easy. It’s mostly attributed to fast- food and comfort food. We might say nothing fancy but this is no longer the case as the takeaway business is getting fancy. With restaurants limited to takeaway, many gourmand and pricy restaurant have joint the takeaway service.

Thanks to the window in the paper box for sushi, you can easily display the food served.

How do you give your customers the experience of treating yourself without the service of the waiters and dimmed lights of a cosy restaurant interior?

The packaging becomes a part of the experience. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, making sure that the food looks as delicious, as when it has been served by a waiter on a hot plate in a nice restaurant.

Plastic not fantastic. Why paper boxes are better than plastic.

The war on plastic started for good in 2019 when the EU directive came into force and banned many of single-use plastics. The trend of reducing plastic has a global reach. India and Canada are already preparing comparable laws, and a significant number of countries across the world have already implemented similar regulations into their legislature. That means that within a few years using plastic packaging will become either illegal or very costly, due to additional taxation connected with recycling and circularity.

Consumers play a big part in the movement and are willing to choose the more organic and greener option over the competitor, even if it means a higher price.

Customers appreciate restaurants when it comes to reducing plastic.

The best thing with paper packaging is that it doesn’t have to be more expensive. In fact, often it can be purchased at the same or even lower cost than the plastic version.

Why are restaurants choosing paper boxes? What are the benefits of choosing a paper box for sushi?

Here are the few main reasons why restaurant owners choose paper packaging:

  1. Carefully crafted paper box, allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition and adds an extra value to your product. Beautiful, custom-designed and functional packaging becomes a part of the dining experience.
  2. A custom-designed box with a logo is a fantastic advertising tool and gives you brand recognition.
  3. The packaging is not just a container it directly affects the brand and product perception. A neat and aesthetically pleasing packaging creates an impression of the product before the customer has even tasted it.
  4. Does soda in a yellow can taste lemonier? The looks matter more than you think.

It might sound like a silly question, but it actually does, or to be more precise people drinking it think it does. The perception of taste is affected by appearance. During the trial for a popular soda, participants experienced more lemon flavour when they drank the fizz out of cans with 15% more yellow colouring in the package design. (Gladwell, M. (2005). Blink: The power of thinking without thinking. New York, NY, US: Little, Brown and Co.)

  1. Make an impression! Sushi served in a crafted box seems like a treat and self-indulgence, while sushi on a plastic tray feels like fast food.
  2. The market is being shaped by the increasing demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly options.Over the last years, words like organic, recycled, biodegradable, and sustainable have gained attention and became an important selling point.
The packaging in which you serve sushi has a big impact on customer responses.

Get inspired, paper sushi boxes made by Fastpack.

We might not be the only ones who had the idea, but we are the ones that designed and produced this fantastic packaging. Have a look at a few of our projects and get inspired.

Is there anything better than a box of chocolate? Yes, a box of sushi made by Fastpack!

Many restaurants are already using paper packaging for sushi

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