Bakery bags with fold

  • 10x5x49
  • 15x6,5x19
  • 15x6,5x25
  • 15x6,5x37
  • 16x5,5x29
  • 18x8x37
  • 20x6,5x33
  • 20x11x37
Product specification
DIMENSION10x5x49, 15x6,5x19, 15x6,5x25, 15x6,5x37, 16x5,5x29, 18x8x37, 20x6,5x33, 20x11x37
ADDITIONAL OPTIONSOther sizes on request
LEAD TIME6-8 weeks
LOGISTICS30 000/pallet
SHIPPING COSTNo extra charge

Do you run a bakery, pastry shop, or maybe a coffee shop? If so, then you are certainly packing your products every day, and customers are taking them with them. We know the importance of proper packaging. Aesthetics, ecology and durability are the main features of folded pouches produced in Fastpack. To highlight your offer and mark your brand presence, you can order paper bags with a logo or other multi-colored print. Correct visual identification is the key to customer loyalty.

Folded bags come in various sizes. Others are needed for packing baguettes, bread or rolls, and others for sandwiches and cakes. Below we present the most popular ones. If you need to order bags in other sizes, we will match the design to your products.

Check the most popular folded bag sizes and their sample applications.
Folded bakery bag 10x5x49 – Bag for bakery, dedicated to selling baguettes.

Folded bakery bag 15×6.5×19 – A small bag that is perfect for packing rolls or sandwiches. Often also used in bakeries.

Folded bakery bag 15×6.5×25 – This bag size is most often used for packing take-out sandwiches, rolls or pastries by weight. You can also pack take-out sandwiches in it.

Folded bakery bag 15×6.5×37 – suitable for packing bread in an oblong shape.

Folded bakery bag 16×5,5×29 – this bag will hold an elongated loaf of bread or a large baguette.

Folded bakery bag 18x8x37 – a bag in a large size, suitable for packing more rolls or large breads. Also used for packing take-out cakes.

Folded bakery bag 20×6.5×33 – a large bag that will hold a larger amount of bread or a loaf of bread.

Folded bakery bag 20x11x37 – a large bag that can accommodate large loaves of bread or more small bread.

Write to us and present your needs. Our team is always at your disposal. We will carry out the design and visualization of folded bags for your company free of charge.

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