Take out box "chicken"

  • 16x10x6
  • 22x12x7,5
Closed paper boxes the nuggets type. This type of packaging is perfect for the sale of any deep-fried dishes, nuggets, or whole sets, e.g. a hamburger with fries. We manufacture them from special paper with a protective coating protecting against greasing.
The contents are protected with the lid integrated with the box. We designed it so that it takes up as little space as possible when being stored in your gastronomic establishment. You can also order boxes with holes that enable excess steam to escape from a hot dish. Thanks to this, your chips, chicken coated in breadcrumbs, or other dishes, will remain pleasantly crunchy.
The multicolored print is possible on the entire surface of the box. Available in white or brown, so called eco paper.

Take out box "chicken"

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Do you serve fries, nuggets, breaded chicken or other deep-fried dishes? Closed boxes with an imprint is a product for you. Thanks to them, your dishes will be properly packaged and remain fresh and crunchy.
Check which box will work in your restaurant?
Closed box 16x10x6 - Small version of the closed take-out box „chicken”. We produce them from white or brown cardboard. Suitable for chips, nuggets and other snacks.
Closed box 15x10x8 - Small box closed in an elevated version. Available in white or brown - the "kraft" type. It is perfect for serving small and medium portions.
Closed big box 22x12x7,5 - Big size of the take-away box. The box is large enough to hold a whole set of e.g. a hamburger with chips. It is also ideal for serving larger portions. You can order them in brown or white version.
Each of the boxes can be ordered in a version with special holes that allow excess steam to escape. Thanks to them, the dishes will remain pleasantly crunchy.
Emphasize the character of your brand.
Do you wish to stand out? Do you wish to strengthen the presence of your brand? Order take-out boxes with imprint. You can put your logo or an advertising slogan on them. Attract the attention of the customers and make a positive impression. We can make a multi-colored imprint on the entire surface of the packaging.
Do you prefer a more minimalistic style? Order boxes in the "eco" version of the brown cardboard with a one-color imprint - black, red or green. Classic simplicity is currently on top.
Say NO to plastic, be ecological.
Plastic packaging is currently passe. Growing consumer awareness means that they are more likely to choose take-out packaging made of paper. Why? It's simple.
Paper is a natural material, more pleasant to the touch, more visually attractive than plastic. It is also easily recyclable. If you want your restaurant to be seen as a modern business that respects the environment, choose paper products.
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