Single wall paper cups

  • 4 oz 100 ml
  • 8 oz 250 ml
  • 12 oz 300 ml
  • 16 oz 400 ml
A paper cup for coffee, tea and all kinds of drinks is a must-have for almost any restaurant. We produce disposable cups made of paper in two variants:
single-wall, produced in four sizes;
double-wall, better protecting against temperature, produced in two sizes.
Paper cups are an excellent advertising medium, as well as an effective tool for building your company's image or customer relations. Printing is available in all colours on the entire surface of the cup. We also offer white, brown and black lids. Minimum order size is 1000 cups. By ordering cups at Fastpack you will receive a free design.
See how a paper cup and our ideas will make your company stand out.

Single wall paper cups

one product many possibilities

Can a disposable paper cup make customers talk about you?
Is there a chance that they will take a picture of it and show it to the world on Instagram or Facebook?
Paper cups are an excellent advertising medium, which can also build a bond between your company and the customers. Today, it's not just a cup with a logo or slogan. Years of experience have taught us that it can be used as an element of marketing that will build a positive image of your business. It all depends on the idea and design. We have a lot of creative solutions for you. The cup can hold not only your logo, but also interesting graphics, the company's motto, or a positive advertising slogan that will cheer up customers and put them in a good mood. The only limit is imagination.
Test our ideas and let us positively surprise you!
It is clear that paper cups must also fulfil a utilitarian function. Depending on the drink you want to serve in them, they may differ in how they are made. Some are more suitable for coffee or tea, others are better for cold drinks. That is why we produce them in two variants and different sizes.
Single-wall paper cups.
This type of cup is suitable for cold as well as warm drinks served on the premises. We produce it in four sizes suitable for a given drink.
120 ml (4 oz) is a cup in which you can serve espresso or a small coffee;
240 ml (8 oz) is a universal size. You can use it to serve coffee, tea, cold drinks or juices. Works well as an advertising medium. Suitable for any cafe, restaurant or bar. It is also a popular choice for conferences, indoor and open-air events.
350 ml (12 oz) a larger cup that works well with cold drinks. The large size allows for any graphics to be printed on it. Your message will certainly be readable and the customers will remember it;
450 ml (16 oz) jumbo cup. A perfect option for all kinds of indoor or open-air events.
We care about the environment and ecology.
Fastpack is a European producer, and all the raw materials we use have quality certificates. We care about the environment, which is why our packaging is made of paper. It is a renewable raw material that is easily recycled or composted.
Less is more.
We fulfil orders from 1000 pieces. Do you use 3000 cups a month? Now you can order them in three graphic variants—put three different stories, organize a contest or have distinguishable cups for the various types of drinks that you serve. Get a quote. We will help you to maximize the potential of your cup. Our marketing department is full of ideas.
Choose the right cup for your business and order a free visualization.

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