Pizza boxes with print model Sam

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Product specification
DIMENSION29x29x4, 30x30x4, 31x31x4, 32x32x4, 33x33x4; 36x36x4
MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY 4500 pcs. (one pallet)
MATERIAL INFORMATIONCorrugated Cardboard E flute „mocroflute”, white or brown.
ADDITIONAL OPTIONSPicture quality effect
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONIf less than 3 pallets, suggested max. 1-3 colours print
LEAD TIME3-5 weeks
LOGISTICS100 pcs/ kolli, 4500 pcs./pallet
SHIPPING COSTno extra charge
A pizza box for thick crust pizza with slightly lowered sides, thanks to which it takes up less space than the Frank model. Printing is possible on the lid and sides of the box. Strong after folding, perfect for longer deliveries. If you want a clear print on the sides of the box for marketing reasons, this model may be a good choice.
A pizza box is a must-have in every pizzeria. We will make it for you from the best quality three-layer wave E, so-called microwave, cardboard so that the ordered pizza reaches your customers in perfect condition. You can order it in a classic minimalist form or surprise your customers and put photo-quality prints in up to 8 colours on them. We can print on the entire surface of the lid and on the sides of the box.
We offer pizza boxes with print in three basic models: Frank, Sam and Leo.
See what your pizza box may look like.

Pizza boxes with print model Sam

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When looking for a pizza box, we often face the problem of making the right choice. When running a pizzeria, you certainly place a strong emphasis on the appearance and taste of your dishes. Are you sure that after you pack them and send them to your customers they will maintain impeccable appearance and freshness? We know how important this is for you, which is why we make every effort to ensure that the packaging produced at Fastpack fulfils its task completely.
Different pizzerias—different needs.
Some places specialize in thin-crust pizza, others specialize in thick crust. Large places have storage and smaller pizzerias often fight for every centimetre of space. Deliveries also vary. Some are short and quick, although there are also deliveries over longer distances.
We understand all these idiosyncrasies perfectly, which is why we offer a variety of box models, tailored to all your needs.
Our years of experience in the packaging industry have also resulted in something else. We have noticed that the packaging can fulfil a very important task for your business—promotion of your company. The competition in catering is huge and you probably know how difficult it is to become the leader.
But what if your pizza box can surprise your customers so much that they will want to share it with others on social media? Wouldn't that be a great advertisement?
Word of mouth marketing is currently one of the most effective forms of promotion, and recommendations can be crucial when making a choice.
You can have it all by simply paying for the right print on the box.
We offer a completely innovative approach to making the graphic. The right design is the most important part.
By choosing our pizza boxes with a print you take care of nature.
All Fastpack packaging is made of FSC® certified paper and cardboard. This means that the material used for production was obtained in accordance with the law, without violating civil and customary rights—only from forests in which natural resources are not endangered.
By choosing Fastpack you can rely on our experience, professionalism and reliability in providing paper packaging. Fastpack offers pizza boxes with a perfect quality print, delivered on time in the right quantity and at great prices!
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