Paper trays

  • 12x6x3,7
  • 14x7x4,3
  • 16,5x10x5
  • 31x7x3,6
Product specification
DIMENSION12x6x3,7, 14x7x4,3, 16,5x10x5, 31x7x3,6
LEAD TIME6-8 weeks
LOGISTICS15000/ pallet
SHIPPING COSTNo extra charge

Paper tray

one product many possibilities

See why our paper trays are the best!

Paper trays are probably the most-used disposable dishes. They can be found in almost every branch of the food industry. They are a much better solution than paper plates, because they have raised edges that prevent food such as salads, chips or other small pieces from falling out. Larger catering trays can be used to serve whole dishes. If you are planning a party outdoors, cardboard trays will be perfect.

We produce trays in several standard sizes:

12x6x3.7 is a small paper tray, most often used for serving chips.

14x7x4.3 is a medium tray that will fit a large portion of chips or any other type of side dish

16.5x10x5 is a large tray. It can be used to serve a burger with chips.

Interestingly, among our customers it is often used to serve Tacos outdoors. The most popular products for our customers are the brown cardboard trays, but you can also order white trays.

If the above tray sizes are not suitable for your catering needs, we will produce them in any size. The minimum order quantity is 15,000 pieces.

Choose packaging made of paper or cardboard and be eco-friendly!

Fastpack is a manufacturer of packaging for gastronomy, which focuses on respecting the natural environment. That is why we make disposable tableware from paper or cardboard. The raw materials used by Fastpack for the production of packaging are safe for you, your customers and the environment, and after use they can be safely disposed of, e.g. by composting. Choose cardboard trays that meet the highest requirements of products that come into contact with food.

If you care about ecology, certainly our offer is for you.

We designed our trays in such a way that they are suitable for visual communication with your customer. Do you want to stand out effectively? Order trays with print. The raised edge perfectly fulfils its function here. It’s high enough to fit your slogan, logo or advertising message on it. The print is visible from all sides so also people nearby can see it. An original design can also decorate the tray and make the served dishes even more attractive to consumers.

Send us your logo or advertising slogan. We will make a project for you free of charge.

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