Paper sushi boxes with logo no window

  • 22x9x5
  • 19x13x5
  • 26x19x5
  • 32x32x5
Product specification
DIMENSION22x9x5, 19x13x5, 26x19x5, 32x32x5
MATERIAL INFORMATIONSolid cardboard, brown or white
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFood contact varnish inside of the box
LEAD TIME5-6 weeks
LOGISTICS10000/epal, 7000/epal, 3000/epal
SHIPPING COSTNo extra costs if all delivered at once

Paper sushi boxes with logo no window

one product many possibilities

If you serve takeaway Sushi, you have to have it.

Sushi restaurants have been winning over consumers all over Europe for some time now. This oriental trend is experiencing a real boom in the gastronomy industry. Everyone who has ever been to a Sushi restaurant knows that Itamae, meaning the chef, makes every effort to ensure that the dishes are fresh and look aesthetically pleasing. The popularization of Japanese culinary art resulted in that sushi is more and more often ordered to go or delivered to the customer. However, how to safely deliver these artfully prepared dishes to preserve their freshness and not to break the form?

Small, tasty pieces, made with almost surgical precision, also require proper presentation. Quality, impeccable appearance, and at the same time simplicity of form are key here.

We perfectly understand your expectations, that’s why we offer elegant printed Sushi boxes. We manufacture them from special cardboard, which prevents the food from sticking to the bottom of the box. This allows to preserve the aesthetics of the dishes. Also the shape and form of Sushi boxes have been fully thought out. A flat box with an opening lid properly presents the food, and a wide range of sizes allows you to pack a variety of sets. The entire piece is completed by an aesthetic print fitting the atmosphere of your restaurant. We can carry it out in six colors of the Pantone palette or multi-colored CMYK. Printing is possible on the entire surface of the packaging.

Choose the size of Sushi boxes suitable for your restaurant.

Sushi Box 19x13x5 – The smallest of the sushi paper boxes offered by us. Version without the window is “100% eco”.

Sushi Box 26x18x5 – Medium Sushi box. Most often chosen in the brown kraft cardboard version to emphasize the minimalist character.

Sushi Box 32x32x5 – Large size sushi box in a “family” version. Perfect for large Sushi sets, as well as for parties and events in a larger group.

The aesthetics and style of the packaging will emphasize the qualities of your restaurant.

The turbulent boom of Sushi bars and restaurants resulted in that the competition in this industry is enormous. A proper preparation of Japanese dishes is not enough to succeed on this market.

Every detail matters. Freshness, taste, and appearance of dishes, but also packaging tailored to the Japanese art. We will design a box and a print it for you so that it enchants your customers. We know how important coherence and harmony are, so we will adapt the design to the style of your premises. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the designs we’ve made for our clients.Take care of the environment

Japan is known for its cleanliness and harmony. Packaging sushi made with precision and craftsmanship into plastic containers should be a crime. Therefore, boxes made of cardboard that is ecologically pure is the best choice. Take care of the environment and choose biodegradable paper packaging.

Send us your logo, photos of your premises, or contact a consultant. We will prepare an original design for you completely free of charge.

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