Block bottom sos bags

  • 12x8x24
  • 16x8x24
  • 18x11x26
Product specification
DIMENSION12x8x24, 16x8x24, 18x11x26
ADDITIONAL OPTIONSTransparent window
LEAD TIME6-8 weeks
LOGISTICS30 000/ pallet
SHIPPING COSTNo extra charge

Block bottom sos bags

one product many possibilities

If your business requires packing products into bags, you care about ecology and a positive image in the eyes of customers, then the selection of block bags is natural. You can use them for packing various products: sweets, dried fruit, loose products by weight, sandwiches, burgers, as well as whole dishes packed in containers. Larger paper bags are also often used in stores for wrapping purchases or gifts.

Paper packaging is slowly starting to dominate the market and replace commonly known plastic bags or plastic bags. Why?

This happens for several reasons. First, ecology. The problem of plastic waste is becoming increasingly noticeable. Plastic packaging is subject to additional recycling fees, which is why they are becoming more and more expensive. Consumer awareness is also increasing. Studies indicate that they are more likely to choose paper packaging, commonly known as eco.

Block bags are more aesthetic and practical as well. The flat base guarantees a stable position during packaging, and the variant with window allows constant control when weighing loose products. You can also adjust them to the nature of your business. You can choose between white and brown paper bags.

Printed paper bags are also a great part of corporate identity and advertising. Customers, carrying them, display your logo or advertising message that reaches other people. It’s almost free advertising. Square block-bottom bags have a relatively large, flat surface, thanks to which your print is more visible. You have 6 Pantone or multi-colored CMYK colors available, which gives you unlimited possibilities. If you also use other paper packaging, you can create a coherent image thanks to the project that we will do for you free of charge.

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Square block-bottom bag 12x8x24 Available in white and brown colour varieties.

The smallest of the square block-bottom bags with print. Often used by stores for retail groceries and sweets sold by weight

Square block-bottom bags 16x8x24 available in white and brown colour varieties.

Medium size square block-bottom bags with a logo. Often chosen by stores for selling candies, nuts or other loose products.

Square block-bottom bag 18x11x26. Made of white or brown paper.

Big sized square block-bottom bag. The large surface gives a lot of printing possibilities. Popular in stores selling products by weight. Perfect for larger purchases.

Send us your logo and slogan. We will make a free project and you will see yoursel that square block-bottom bags are a hit!

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