Oct 4th 2022

3 rising trends in packaging for take-out

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Laerke Spenner


Take-out has never been more popular. The easy digital solutions for ordering take-out has not only increased the amount or orders, but also the value of each order.

With the growing demand for take-out food, new trends within take-out packaging are starting to emerge and we have collected 3 rising trends in packaging for take-out that we think will only grow in the coming years.

Rising trend in packaging for take-out #1 – Colorful packaging design

While the most popular take-out food is still pizza, the dedicated brown plain pizza box as we know it has seen a colorful change during the recent years. As still more brands discover the importance of standing out when customers share their dining experiences on social media, Instagram in particular, we are seeing a rise in colorful and insta-friendly pizza box packaging designs. The custom designed and colorful pizza boxes with logos or other branded elements help brands stand out when people share food pictures on Instagram and we don’t see this trend decline anytime
soon. We also see this trend rise within other popular take-out packaging such as cake boxes, burger wrappers and pockets for fries.

Custom designed colorful pizza boxes
Custom designed colorful pizza boxes.

Rising trend in take-out packaging #2 – Climate friendly take-out packaging

One of the trends that spans across the global take-out market is climate friendly packaging. Customers have an increasing interest in what they consume and what it means for their personal carbon footprint. This movement requires brands to also think about how they can reassure their customers when they shop for food.

Our custom designed paper boxes are
environmentally friendly.
Our custom designed paper boxes are environmentally friendly.

At Fastpack we care about the natural environment, and as of 2015, all of our products are made from paper with an FSC CERTIFICATE . This means that the raw material used for its production comes from responsibly managed and certified forests. And we go even further than that, in 2016 edible plates, an ingenious invention from Poland by Biotrem, took Denmark by storm, when Fastpack introduced the edible plates for the danes as the sole distributor of biodegradable plates in Denmark.

Rising trend in take-out packaging #3 – Unique food concepts

While people consume more take-out food than before, they are still looking for unique food experiences to add something special to their dining experience. This trend influences the packaging industry, as unique food concepts often require unique and custom designed take-out packaging. The packaging is the customers first impression of the food they are about to eat, and therefore an important part of the concept. While some food concepts only require special visual design of the
take-out package, other concepts require new and innovative shapes and forms of the packaging.

Innovative pizza box design
Innovative pizza box design.

At Fastpack we welcome this trend as we love to challenge our creativity and help our customers create the perfect take-out packaging to fit their brand and concept. We always get super excited when brands contact us with ideas for new and innovative packaging solutions.

See our products and find inspiration on how your brand can use these trends to take your business to the next level in our case studies.

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